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Predator & Varmint Hunts

Predator & Varmint Hunts

Details- These hunts can be booked for any number of days and cover all of our leases. The abundant amount of water, feed, and cover make these hunts great.

Hunts span from rolling oak covered hills and valley floors, to thick covered hillsides and brushy country.

Prices- $300 per person per day, limited to 2 hunters. $1000 per bobcat (one day hunts).

  • Any wounded bobcat counts as your harvest and your hunt will be finished

What to bring- Valid California hunting license, bobcat tag if hunting bobcats, rifle equipment with non lead ammo or shotgun with lead free coyote load or archery equipment, hiking boots, full camo including facemask and gloves (if calling coyotes or bobcats), warm jacket, and binoculars for glassing.

What to expect- Hunters can expect to be out in the field at legal shooting light and hunt until legal shooting light ends with a midday lunch break. We may sit on vantage points to shoot squirrels, or make multiple sets in decent cover to call in predators.

There also may be a possible spot and stalk or run and gun methods when hunting predators, while covering ground. Hunters can expect to see varmints and predators nearby and over every hill. We accommodate all skill levels and fitness levels on our hunts.

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