Tule Elk Hunts​


For the lucky hunters that draw these once in a lifetime tags for tule elk in the La Panza unit of California. We offer private land access to ensure you a successful fully guided and outfitted hunt. This provides you with the best opportunity at a true trophy class bull scoring between 275” to 330” for your draw tag.

Bull hunts are booked as a 5 day fully guided and outfitted hunt and a cow hunt is booked as a 2 day fully guided and outfitted hunt. The hunt includes transportation to and from the field, drinks, and snacks. Once successful, the hunt also includes field dressing of your trophy as well as transportation of your meat to a local butcher if needed.

What to bring

-Valid California hunting license

-Valid California La Panza tule elk tag

-Archery equipment or rifle (243 caliber or larger) with non lead ammo

-Hiking boots

-Warm jacket

-Binoculars for glassing

What to Expect

Hunters can expect to be out in the field approximately 30 minutes before legal shooting light and be out of the field a few minutes after legal shooting light ends with a midday break for lunch. You can expect to see elk ranging in herds of 5 to 100 head of elk per herd.

We typically spot and stalk elk, unless archery equipment is being used, then we will sometimes sit near water. We will be glassing from good vantage points with hopes of catching elk early or late in the day, while they are moving and feeding through their bedding and feeding areas.

Usually we will spot elk in oak covered rolling hills, thicker pine tree slopes, agriculture flatland, and juniper covered country. We accommodate all skill levels and fitness levels on your once in a lifetime hunt.

You can expect shots to be anywhere from 50 yards to 250 yards with potential for distances of 400+ yards depending on skill level or 20 yards to 60 yards with archery equipment.


$11,500 for a La Panza bull tule elk hunt

$3,000 for a La Panza cow tule elk hunt.

Wounded Animal Policy- Any wounded animal counts as your harvest and your hunt will be finished.