Wild Pig Hunts


This is a 2 day fully guided and outfitted hunt on the beautiful central coast of California. Covering multiple ranches of greatly managed ground totaling over 40,000 acres. Hunters can expect to see a number of pigs a day that range in weight from 150 pounds to some that will exceed 300 pounds.

Most terrain varies from open oaks and barely fields of rolling hills to dense brush and pine forest that are deep and steep canyons, as well as everything in between.

We accommodate all skill and fitness levels.

Weekend hunts are Friday evening to Sunday morning or Saturday morning to Sunday evening and weekday day hunts are tuesday afternoon to thursday morning.

What to bring

-Valid California hunting license

-Valid California pig tag(s)

-Archery equipment or rifle (.243 caliber or larger) with non lead ammo

-Hiking boots

-Warm jacket

-Binoculars for glassing

What is Included

-Opportunity for one pig per hunter

-two mornings and two evenings of hunting

-Transportation to and from the field

-Drinks and snacks while in the field

-Field dressing and care of your trophy

-Transportation of the meat to a local butcher, if needed.

What to Expect

Hunters can expect to be out in the field approximately 30 minutes before legal shooting light and be out of the field a few minutes after legal shooting light with a break for lunch in the middle of the day.

We typically get on vantage points and glass to spot pigs and then stalk accordingly. We may also sit near water or along game trails to still hunt, with the hopes of catching movement early or late in the day when pigs are moving from feeding and bedding areas.

In the later morning and early afternoon we cover shaded slopes with oaks or brush to spot pigs bedded during the day. Where then we can get into position for a successful harvest.

You can expect shots to be anywhere from 50 yards to 250 yards or 20 yards to 60 yards with archery equipment.

Prices and Policies

$995 per hunter (two or more)

Junior hunters (12-16) are discounted to $895 when hunting with an adult hunter who purchased a hunt as well. 

$1195 for a single hunter

Additional pigs may be purchased for $700.

Additional Pig Policy- Additional pigs count as a discounted hunt with the same policy as your original hunt.

Wounded Animal Policy-Any wounded animal counts as your harvest and your hunt will be finished.

Refund Policy- If in the rare occasion you do not get an opportunity on your hunt a refund of $300 is given back to you at the end of your hunt.